Just trying to go to work!

Call me crazy, but I keep on working on my blog to make it easier to follow, but I really have to go to work! I have found some great blogs to help out thanks to \”Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom\”. So I\’m thinking…. I may be in business now! So if you want, buzz on over to the Cheapskate Mom and tell her THANKS for helping me out!
I have another big thank you to add today to the blog \”Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom\”. She answered my questions to \”Could this be an Anole?\”.. well I think she answered correctly. This is really a tropical gecko! During the day, they appear dark and usually blend in easily with the trees..at night, however, they turn this color, a scary pale color! If you have time, take a look at her website and say THANKS for helping me out!!

I hope you have an amazing day!!

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