What are you doing? He looks so evil when he’s such a sweet kitty-

He was attacking my sons foot and wouldn’t let go. Sometimes he gets a little over excited. He’s still a kitten and he plays way to rough!

I can only imagine that Lunar is telling Arlo to learn his manners!

11 thoughts on “Arlo

  1. Arlo looks positively evil in that first photo 🙂 Mouse, my cat who lives upstairs, will sometimes attack my ankles as I walk from room to room – not too bad if I’m wearing trousers and socks but in shorts and bare feet it’s not funny 🙂

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  2. It’s not funny when he grabs your hand while walking down the stairs. He literally is an attacker. LOL, I never had a kitten like that, usually, there are very calm but not this wild one!


  3. We have two kitties that freak out when it is time for the vet appointment. They are both snuggler boys, but the vets have a hard time believeing that…

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