Not a vet visit!

Julius has been losing weight so we had a vet visit. His vet said because he is 30 years old he’s just old and the good news he is still healthy. To put a little weight on him I am feeding him alfalfa twice a day with his grain and hay.

So every week we are getting a weight on him. He’s 1035 lbs and in two weeks we should see a big change!!

It’s been a crazy here lately with a lot of things going on. My partners brother died of covid. He was a good man. I found out that I have a severe allergy to something. Only God knows but I was in the hospital. That’s kindof scary living on the farm and not knowing what started the allergy attack. They won’t do a panel test because they said I don’t normally have allergies. That doesn’t even make sense to me so once I’m off the prednisone I will reevaluate that and ask for a panel test again.

That’s enough personal stuff even for me!! I hope your all well and if you have any ideas how you stress less, please let me know!!

12 thoughts on “Not a vet visit!

  1. It’s good that Julius is still healthy at 30 years old, I hope he manages to put some weight back on with the extra food he’s having. While I was away recently I went to visit a pony living near my friend’s place, she will be 37 years old this year (the pony, not my friend! 🙂 ) and you can tell she’s old but she’s still healthy and loves her treats.

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  2. I knew it had been a while since I’d seen your smiling face here, but a hospital stay is not what I envisioned! I hope both you and Julius get, and stay, healthy soon. Mya–having an allergy on a farm sounds like some kind of cruel joke. Get well, my friend!

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  3. I’m also glad that Julius is okay, hopefully some weight will show up soon. Hugs to your Partner from all of us, that’s so sad. Good luck with the allergy hunting, it’s quite a tricky game to win.

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  4. Chaplin: “Keep eating, Julius! Eating makes the world go round!”
    Lulu: “Sorry to hear about your partner’s brother. We had some health stuff in our family not long ago and it sure was stressful for everyone.”
    Java Bean: “Especially me, because it meant visitors I don’t know. People I don’t know still worry me a little.”
    Charlee: “DADA still worries you a little. You silly thing.”
    Java Bean: “Well okay yes, he does, but I’m coming around to think that he might not be all bad …”

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  5. I hope you all are now doing well! Java Bean, sometimes people I don’t know still worry me a little…
    It can be very stressful. I want to live in optimism, love, and happiness and try not to worry so much. I’m totally working on that last part 🙂


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