Climbing roses

These roses have been growing up side of my farmhouse since I was a little girl. I trim them in the fall and that’s about all I do for them. They are super pretty and I look forward to seeing them bloom every year.

Arlo is keeping a close watch while I take photos from the second floor window! He’s not allowed to go outside which is probably for the best!

I’m so sad for everyone now, I honestly am having a hard time understanding the hate that some people have in America and the senseless killings.

May God bless all of you and keep you safe.

4 thoughts on “Climbing roses

  1. Very pretty roses, they must look lovely climbing up the wall. I love the pic of Arlo, it’s like he’s saying “What d’you think you’re doing?” and the bottom pic is so nostalgic 🙂

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  2. Charlee: “We thought maybe this was going to be a how-to on climbing up roses without getting stuck by the thorns!”
    Chaplin: “But it’s probably best to do like Arlo and just look at the pretty flowers instead!”


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