I don’t think so..

From my kitchen window I saw a big bird fly by and land on the bunny cage. It turned out to be a hawk.
He does not look happy and fortunately Mr Roosevelt was under his shed.
So I quickly put up a makeshift scare crow. I am not going to let the hawk get his next dinner from me!

RIP Buddy, our most gentle giant went to heaven yesterday. Even though he was a boarder, his mom was never here, she lived out of state so I treated him like one of my horses. He was the kind one who no one would ever be nervous around. I will miss him. Buddy was a great horse and I will always hold a special place for him in my heart.

13 thoughts on “I don’t think so..

  1. Speaking from a sad experience of many years ago I personally wouldn’t let any domestic rabbit live outside in winter especially if it’s cold enough to snow. I hope your scarecrow works and Mr Roosevelt doesn’t become a hawk’s dinner. I’m so sorry to read about Buddy, if he was with you for a long while you’ll miss him as much as if he was your own 😦

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  2. Charlee: “Good job protecting Mr. Roosevelt from the hawk! We have hawks here and Dada says if we cats went outside, they might make a run at us.”
    Chaplin: “I’d like to see them try it.”
    Charlee: “Mmm, no, you really wouldn’t.”
    Lulu: “W’re sorry to hear about Buddy! I bet the other horses will miss him too!”


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