This is what happen\'s when my Mya makes dinner…

Hello Friends,
almost two years later and we have a name for me, Mya, aka, grammy…Yes, the little one calls me Mya.  Nobody knows why, we can\’t change it and she picked it!  She has been calling me Mya for almost a month now.  So it is.  
I\’m making dinner tonight and the little one decides to feed Winston and Mr. Chips her cookies…don\’t tell her Mom that Mya gives her cookies before dinner!!
 Then the little one will then put stickers on Buffy….
 Buffy is frantically looking for backup…
Oh, Mr. Chips…..your turn!!!
Have a great day everyone!!!

11 thoughts on “This is what happen\'s when my Mya makes dinner…

  1. precious little one you have there, Mya, and that name will follow you the rest of your life and others will pick it up. i named my grandmother Gonnie and that is all that is written on her tombstone now. that name and the date. she became Gonnie to all her grandkids and great grand kids.


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