Guess who is 16!!

Hello friends!  Today is our brother\’s birthday!  Yeah!!!
No, not me!  hehehehe

 Our human brother\’s 16\’th birthday!!! Yup, that\’s right, he is 16!  Mom can remember when she was 16 oh about 37  no or was it 20 years ago!!   How exciting this year will be.  He can now get his license and maybe even take us for rides!! 

Happy Birthday, human brother!  The best part about our brother is that he loves all of us and has no favorites!!  We hope he has a great day today because he is patient, kind and loves to play with us.  He even feeds us dinner every night and will take us on long walks!  We hope you get a lot of presents!!

Have a great day everyone! 


Buffy, Ariel, Smokes, Mr. Chips, Winston, Lou, Scooter, Lilly, Mr. O\’Riely, Bud & Ciara.

17 thoughts on “Guess who is 16!!

  1. Happy Birthday to that handsome brother of yours!!If we haven't told you before, we just love that header photo – so beautiful.Woos~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your human brother who turns 16!! Sixteen!!! Wow!!! What a fab age – wonderful!!Enjoy the day – me and Charlie hope your lovely brother gets lots of pressies and treats!!! Take carex


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