Do I look like I\'m stressed….

 We\’re going to the vet for a Lyme shot and I\’m stressing big time over it!   I\’m trying to convince my mother not to take me….

 It doesn\’t look too bad with all these decorations, but I see no presents anywhere….not even doggy treats…

 Just this cute little Yorkie that is 3 months old.  Just a baby. 🙂

 Your kidding, right, you think I\’m going in there!  Not….

 Let\’s go.  All done.  Mom didn\’t even come in with me.

Back home, safe and sound!

Have a good day!


23 thoughts on “Do I look like I\'m stressed….

  1. I had to hop on over becuase I saw your name on BlueRidge Boomer and I love your photos of your they looked stressed? Nahhh, how can one be stressed when they have a nice warm place to sleep and food served? they look lovely!


  2. *lol* oh I know this routine! Sable has to go the vets once a month for a fish oil shot and FREAKS as soon as shes in the office. Is over in 2seconds but she loves playing the drama queen ;pThe Arrival, Book one of the BirthRight Trilogy, on Amazon


  3. Haha, that last shot and the words, \”Let's go, Mom didn't even come in with me.\” confirmed what I suspected. Mom was more stressed over this doctor visit than the dog was!!! ☺


  4. Well done you!! You are a brave doggie and you got your shots ok!! Me and Charlie hope mum gave you extra cuddles and treats!! That baby Yorkie just looks adorable!! Take carex


  5. My boys are the same way. Shiver just shivers the whole time in my lap (hence the name!) while Chico barks at anything and everything he sees in the waiting room.I got your card last week, thank you!


  6. Hey there – we got your Christmas card – we love our cardz. We r also your newest followerz – mom thought she started followin'u a while ago but nope, she wuzn't. We helped her find your blog agin aan'now we r.Shiloh'n Shasta


  7. Good morning Deborah. Nice to meet you. I enjoyed this first visit and especially this post. You sure know how to strike a mood with your animal photos. See you again, soon. Annie


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