Just a nice checkup at the Vet!

It was that time again, time for our yearly visit at the vet! We have to be honest with you, we really don\’t like going even though Mom says our vet is the best!They started with Winston first. Mom was happy that he has dropped one pound since last year! Everyone says that Mom gives us way too many treats!

Ariel would like to exit before she is even seen!

Please help me someone!

Why do they have to check my teeth!

OK, now this is embarrassing…

Whew, time to go home. We both fell sound asleep!

Thankfully, all is well!

Happy Friday everyone!

20 thoughts on “Just a nice checkup at the Vet!

  1. Awwwwwww!! Ariel and Winston!! You are two very brave doggies. Your mum must be so proud of you. The nice people at the vets only want to know you are both ok – and it's great news that you both are! Yay!!Me and Charlie hope you have a carefree rest of the day after such a traumatic but necessary event! Take care and please have lots of purrs from us!x


  2. We are so glad that is over and all is well! We also hate the vet and try to get out the door whilst in the waiting room.Bailey has discovered that if you try to bite the vet they will not bother with your teeth.You can use this tip next time you are at the vet.love and kissesMartha and Bailey xx


  3. Thats wonderful news! Its so great to get the all clear from the vet. Toffee and Ariel should get together…he's also terrified of gloves and whatever else Vet's wear.Sending lotsaluvMAXMOM IN SA


  4. Glad to hear it was a great checkup for all. We like to keep our eyes on the door too – just waiting for an escape opportunity.Happy weekend.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  5. We are so glad that your vet visit gave you good news. Grammy says Pip and I have to go soon for some \”tutoring\” because it will help change our \”attitudes.\” We are not liking the sound of that! Mama Dott and our sister, Mercy went and got \”sprayed\” and came back with stitches in their bellies… Gimli


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