It\'s Award Day Wednesday!

I want to thank Sitka and his Mom, Andrea at All Gods Creatures for the Prolific Blogger Award! I\’m just a tad late posting it, but for any of my bloggy friends that would like to take it, please do! Anyone who reads my blog, should get an award!

Have a great day my friends!

15 thoughts on “It\'s Award Day Wednesday!

  1. AMEN to your comment on arise 2 write. Jen's Dad was murdered. He lived homeless in Florida. He was on drugs/alcohol. He has been in and out of jail all of Jen's life. Her grandparents raised her b/c her mother left when she was \”very\” young. She is the youngest of 3 children and the only one who is truly responsible. The other two siblings expect her to pay to bury her dad, etc. Jen is only 23 yrs old and has some very tough decisions to make. I know she will do the right thing. Thanks for your continued prayers for her.andrea


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