Come on, Smokes, time for bed!

Every night, we go through the same ritual, calling in Smokes for the night. It\’s cool now and he loves the weather. This is Smokes on the other side of the pool and I\’m saying, \”Come on Smokes, time for bed\”!! Nothing. He just stands there… He\’s not real obedience trained… Now he is a little closer and look at the look! He\’s telling me to forget it! I\’m staying…

The good news is, he\’s in bed right now!!!

9 thoughts on “Come on, Smokes, time for bed!

  1. My mom would have to play THAT game but I'm on a tether ;-)We did play that game at the doggy park the other week – I did make sure we stayed longer than Mom had planned!We are Siberians – watch us frustrate our owners!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: Mom is mean enough to khome out and reel in my tether when she REALLY wants me in!


  2. smokes is so handsomea manly man in all wayswell, except species! :)Seriously beautiful, and so is this blog. I love the backgroud….vibrant! Thank You and Cheers! 🙂


  3. Yes, my winter dogs have grown more and more reluctant to leave the outdoors to come in for the night. If I would let them, they would sleep under the moon and the stars but I believe they are safer in their beds.


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